Your Voice is Welcome Here!

However, Beware! The Ghost of Poe Often Lurks About!

If your Interests are of authors known and unknown, the knaves of Words, Boyle, Spillane and Mailer, or the Kings of words, Chekov, Longfellow, Hemingway–we beseech thee, speak out!

However, be of Kind Heart, let your voice resonate with Sincerity!

Giants have preceded us. Thomas Wolfe, Joseph Conrad, Vladimir Nabokov. Allow them an infinity of respect for the words they left with us. Mortal man passes but words live on.

Aye! Your voice is Welcome here–But speak Softly because Kings and Knaves of words–alike–have an ear and stand guard–and exact a fleshly price from Idiots!

Many, many years ago: Wolt Winkler, Gary Zimmer, Bob Tumbleson, Mike Uhtoff

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