I am:

Gary Leon Zimmer, a former Internet gambling columnist for MediaSoft attempting my first effort at True Crime writing (Tarricone: A Death on Canyon Road).

I was recently featured on a Sirens Production of “Evil Kin: The Boneyard” on ID Discovery. Described on the program as Gary Zimmer: True Crime Writer and featured prominently throughout the one hour program.


A Death on Canyon Road

The delight and irrepressible good humor the child in Joseph
      Tarricone represented made up for the spasmodic absence of
            provision, the occasional failing.

In 1976 Renee Curtiss met a man thirty years her senior, a charismatic
local businessman named  Joseph Tarricone. She would have an
ongoing relationship with Joseph that would entail both
business and romance. It would begin and flourish in one
state and end tragically in another.

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